Thursday, October 21, 2010

For an optimist, I'm feeling pretty pessimistic

Its 7pm and the sun is still out. I have my boxer shorts on, a bowl of chocolate ice cream in hand and nothing much to look forward to in the next couple of weeks except a bunch of exam papers. God. help. me. Ok, so that's not so bad after all. In fact, bring it on. I can't wait to get this over and done with. I wish I were in the shoes of the current... I mean ex-Year 12s. I can't believe I have another year left of this cra..... I mean awesomeness.. Ok, I'm just making it too big of a deal. Its all fine ! Everything. is. fine.

Wow, for an optimist, I'm feeling pretty pessimistic. Oh damn, sounds like a song right out of Paramore....BADUMM.... And so begins my Hayley Williams rant.

So, for the past day or two, all I've read on Twitter and Facebook was Paramore this, Hayley Williams that and to be honest I've never REALLY been a fan of Paramore.... UNTIL NOW. Seriously, if you know me well enough you would know that if I find someone worth stalking, I go ALL THE WAY. And when I say all the way, I mean ALL THE WAY. I can spend hours, days or even weeks stalking that one person from their fashion, to their religion, to EVERY SINGLE INTERVIEW they have online.

Well, this time the unlucky victim was Hayley Williams. Now, if you know Hayley Williams as much as I do NOW ;) you would know that she's pretty much the coolest person ...ever. Fashion wise, who doesn't love a chick that wears a t-shirt 90% of the time whilst wearing her hair in a crazy colour and still looks good doing it. Attitude wise, she's so sweet and honest even when she's trying to be all 'rockery' ( that is one fail made up word ) But what is truly most interesting of all is that in spite of all her rocker chic persona and crazy rock concerts/tours she still manages to keep her faith strong and genuine. Yes, surprise, surprise she is in fact a Christian and so is the rest of her band. Its always a pleasant surprise for me when I uncover such things and more often than not, I do find myself feeling totally stoked about having such a kind, cool, and generally awesome person sharing the same beliefs that you do, until of course you find a topless photo of her on the internet.

OH DAMN... thats right your airy fairy bubble is now broken about awesome Christian celebrities and integrity and stuff like that .Well if that's not what you're feeling now, lets just say that was the exact feeling I had a half hour ago x2. Seriously, why can't nice Christian celebrities just keep being all awesome and nice and innocent . Yeah I'm talking to you MILEY CYRUS.... =.=
Jokes a side, I guess the thing is, is that at the end of the day, people do mess up and people do act rashly but the best part about it is that in Christ, we have the opportunity of getting right back up and starting a fresh again. I'm sure Hayley regrets, well taking the photo because her phone was technically hacked into and complicated stuff of that sort so I'm not gonna say much more about that. Lets just hope she keeps being the person we thought she always was and will be because she does seem like a really genuine person who respects God and keeps her faith.

The thing I really wanted to say at the end of all this is that, its really so so very easy for us to mess up, so be wary of what you do and if you still end up in bits and pieces, I just hope that you know there's always a way out of it in Christ :)

Click on link below for Hayley's-semi testimony thingy....wikianswers ftw.

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