Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Thank You

Dear Mummy and Daddy,

You are both asleep and I have nothing to do. Well, I have sort of nothing to do.... but you see, I've wanted to do this for quite awhile now because well it is quite important and it means alot to me. Anyways, what I just wanted to do is to show some appreciation for what you both have done for me. I feel like I have won the lottery of life with you guys and I feel truly blessed everyday for the many things you do for me.
Whether it is through the simple things like cooking a meal or picking me up every single day, Daddy I want you to know that I really appreciate you every single day even though I don't show it. Thank you for being a strong hold, a provider and protector in our lives. Your selflessness never ceases to amaze me and I know that I would be a very happy girl if my husband were half the man you are now. So, Thank you :)
Mummy, I know that you worry about John and I lots and I love that you do take the time to toil over countless university websites and job application sites so that we don't have to. I know that you love seeing us grow and succeed and I promise to work hard so that you will see us do so. I love that you are a doctor and that you love your job. There is no doubt in my mind that you are indeed a source of inspiration for me. Your experience and wisdom about the medical field is so interesting and precious to me ! So, Thank you :)
Anyways, I know that you have both sacrificed lots for me and have probably showered me with one too many blessings (seriously) . So, I hope you don't worry too much about where these 'blessings' are going because I assure you that I am trying my hardest to make both of you proud at the end of the day. And... thats all for now. :)


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