Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The garbage truck and I

I have a problem ......... or a very very coincidental life

Lately , over the past 2-3 months ,I have been seeing alot and i mean ALOT of the thing we all know so well ,the garbage truck. Yes ,included with scary indian men and all .It is so not possible for this to be just coincidence la !

If you still insist that its a coincidence ... u better think twice !

The very "coincidental" occurances;-

  1. At night ,went to Liesl's for sleepover (Yes ,It was at night !!) I saw a garbage truck.

  2. Went out with Cherlyn to makan .While cycling ,a garbage truck just passed by in front of us .

  3. Puasa time ,went with cherlyn to buy food.... Garbage truck at junction .....

  4. Went out to buy groceries and breakfast .The truck ,AGAIN !

  5. Out with cherlyn again ,for makan .This time I tried using a different route .Nope ,nothing beats this truck !!! I saw it again ....(Cherlyn thinks I have a thing with the garbage truck )

  6. Went to PJ ,nice old blueandgreen truck just HAPPENED to be around the corner from restaurant where we were eating ... hmmmmm ... (not convinced yet ?)

  7. The next day after the PJ incident ,was comin back from SS15 and the oh-so-familiar truck is there !

  8. Took Winnie for a walk ,Garbage truck !!

  9. Just today I saw the cursed truck again parked innocently along the road ..... -..-

(I think there were more incidences but forgot )


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