Sunday, October 21, 2007

I name this ..... emo post !!

Just recently i have been experiencing a certain amount of emo-ness .My hypothesis is hormonal imbalance or ... the ever present P.M.S .Through this moments of emo-ing ,I often have a sense of nostalgia, in the presence of those I have shared thousands of precious moments with.Then , I drop back to reality remembering that I'm going to ... well , jupiter ! i hate the unknowns .... Haha , even watching Claire Bennet going to her new school freaks me out . She's a superhero in a mortal world and I'm an asian in an ang moh infested............ continent !(fyi , watching hereos now heh ... thanks Simon !! ) Back to emo ! hey whose complaining ?! I so rarely have these moments ,unlike someone i know la . Why not cherish it XD

My last ride to the school ,my last tosai rawa , my last ride to my house , my last 'supper' with the church-ies ,my last wiff through Winnie's hair ! Suleen's visit back home only heightens the emo-ness .Great . The struggle is that these things would be the only thing I know bout my future ....... My last ...everything. SEeee death sentence !! I want to know SOMETHING .

Ok, back to studying subjects that I need not know .And to school where I need not be .

Ps; Mom you are not allowed to kepoh . DOnt even think bout it -..-

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