Thursday, January 24, 2008

Alright , alright !! enough of the emo posts... ATTENTION !! this is a NON-emo post .

Ok , so there's alot of difference between Australia and Malaysia . A WHOLE lot , from the water to the air to the lingo . For one , water here tastes "hard" .It tastes like really dilute sea water .Like the one in Perhentian island .You might say "atleast it reminds you of home !" =.= if it'll remind me of home I dont think I would like it .( no worries i still love perhentian ! )
Anyways , Australia also has a scent , it does ! or maybe its just me and cold countries .... but Turkey smells different ( oh its turkey as in Turkey ! not turkey... as in yummy :D *this prooves i'm too babi for my own good) Ok enough of that , Australia smells .... clean and like freshly cut grass ! It smells good .
The lingo is the hardest thing to get used to . Really .For example ..... in Malaysia we call it handphone ,here ...... its "mobile" .Yep , like mobile car .....When u think the iphone is already a huge thing !now your mobile gets to be a car too ;D) And when u wanna call someone in Malaysia , well you'll say "I'll call you" .Here , they say "i'll give you a ring !" .In Malaysia someone waits for years ... to give you a "ring" .Its true ! You can ask Des and Choo ;D It was 14 years till they got their "rings" .Nope nope , HERE they want to give you a "ring" everyday !!! ok ...ok ... lame alert . Sorry .I'm inspired !
Hmmmm.......... what else ... ok something distracted me and I'm not inspired anymore .shucks ...alright nonsense stops here .hehe . I really hope everyone is doing alright :) Truly missed down under , not a day has passed that I have not shed a tear .See y'all soon ! (hopefully) Take care .

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