Monday, January 21, 2008

Do you know that feeling ??? When u think everything is just gonna turn out nice and dandy and everyone is frolicking on a bed of roses and daisies , and in an instant u get a huge smack in the pancreas and u realise how terribly wrong u were about everything .........? I do ..

Yesterday , I left my home of 14 years to go to ...well jupiter ! To say the scene at the airport was sad would be the understatement of the year , it was down right depressing and heart breaking .Buckets of tears were shed ,even to the point where tissues were spilling out of my pockets ..It was hard and painful to stare at my closest friends in the eye .The people I have shared every speck of my life with and vice versa, now I take all of those years of friendship and just leave ? They have done everything with me and for me and now i just turn my back to them and leave . It was certainly the hardest day of my life .I have never felt so strongly bout going home .

I have never cried so much in my life ,the letters that were given just adds to the emo .Due to the excessive crying ,I got a major headache .whoo..pee ...Haha .Well ,you can imagine my face on the flight and my whole physical appearance really. Putting it plainly ......I looked like the mother of all zombies ......(with slits for eyes)

And now here I am ,in my new house that I have yet to call home, in my new room that I have yet to call my safe haven , overwhelmed by the immensity of what had just struck me .Theres a long journey ahead of me ,its time i start walking eh ?

Mom : So which room do u want ?
Jane : I take this one la *pointing at the room closest to the backdoor*
Mom :Ok ,ya I thought that would be better too since its nearer to the toilet and the bathroom*points at 2 totally different locations while talkin *
Jane : THERE"S A DIFFERENCE ?!?!?!!?! 0.0 !
Mom :Ya !
Jane : *Stares blankly at mom*
my toilet and bathroom are separate rooms which are miles from each other ...rejoice .......=.=

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