Monday, February 25, 2008

15 things I like about Jupiter

  1. My handwriting is always "nice" ,"neat " and "small" here cause theirs usually isn't .See what the endless writing in "buku nota"s do to u ! They give you good handwriting XD (pretty much the only thing good that comes out from it really )
  2. The stars are breathtaking .I would sleep outside if it wasnt so freaking cold ...
  3. The laidback style
  4. Exams ??? What exams !
  5. Shorts as a school sports uniform ! SHORTS .No more baggy ugly track suits !
  6. Gilmore girls EVERYDAY !!!
  7. My quaint little town I go back to everyday. Want a description of my town ? it reminds me of starshollow minus the snow .
  8. The cool (not cold !cool... )weather
  9. Nice old people who never fail to call you "love" or "sweet heart"
  10. The amazing scenery against the brilliant blue sky
  11. The hill with one tree on it !! LOL
  12. Being able to indulge in all God's creation ,from the sweet smelling roses to the rain that he provides .(I drink rain water now :D )
  13. Pocky(cousin to 'Rocky') is sold here !! Home sick food ....
  14. Chinese takeout (especially the boxes that they come in !yep , just like in tv )Jakun ...
  15. Rober Timms coffee !!! "My name is Jane and I am a coffee addict"..... "Hi ,Jane ......"

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