Saturday, February 16, 2008

When who ??

Hello ! Just an update on everything that is going on around here .Somehow or another I just dont seem to write much on big things like Copa Iba or a BBQ or starting school and such often enough ,so this post is dedicated to fairly "big things" that happened or is happening .

School started for me on the 30th of January .No , my first day did not exceed my expectations .It was more of a smack in the face .Reality .Struck in the face with reality .All the hype about how great school life would be and all only amplified the dissapointment .Everything was so foreign ,everything ,down right to the fact that they used NORMAL pencils ,to the way they talk to their bizarre hairstyles .So very strange .I was a a deer caught in head lights .

Fortunately , the days are getting better .To be more specific ,its just turning to be more routinely .Go to school ,sleep in bus ,school ,recess, lunch , school ,sleep in bus/DS time !! ,back at Maryborough ,"how i met your mother " ,MSN with home ,"Gilmore Girls" ,dinner ,the occasional HW ,and sleep at 11 .My routine ......

Honestly ,it has just come to me that I'm still in a haze of thoughts ,of things and worries .I'm not sure if I can finish up this post right now .Till next time ppl :)
When who = Wen Hui
This is how they pronounce my surname .The only reason they did not pronounce the "i" in "Hui" is because its 'weird' =.= hmmmmmm ....

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