Saturday, November 17, 2007

Working .... All its supposed to be

Its time you got yourself a pair of heels !
Subang parade beside unc.lim's
Sorry ,the promoting thing has gone to my head .... Yes ,I am working there, heels and all .Must say , heels are a definite pain in the arse .Especially when you're standing 95% of the time .I salute you macho ladies who work in your stilettos man .Working is alright .(This is expecially for Low Iishan when he works there)"Kak ,kita baru buka kedai kasut ni di dalam sana ye,ada banyak lagi kasut di dalam !Diskaun pun ada .Kat sana je" (Good luck Shan ! XD) Its really kind of interesting to look at the passers-by also .You get a real kick out of seeing others go by their day also.Today , I saw a lady pushing an empty baby stroller , when I saw her again all her purchases were in it .Smart idea ? haha .There are also those people who just walk around with a smurk or a stern face .These people are no fun at all .You promote and they look at you and then they walk away ,like I told them the shoes were at 1000 $ a piece ! =.=Although , you manage to pull a smile back with other customers ,theres nothing like a SMILE .I propose everyone walk around with a smile on their face ! Share the lurvee people !! We all need it ! Or you can get a cup of coffee ,It definitely puts a grin on my face la . WOOT go caffiene !! Pedal works ! see you there !

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