Friday, November 2, 2007

'Tempet' Aftershock Tips

  • Squeze in some disgusting flour+sprite+mirinda hugs when u get the oppurtunity .(You need to share the love ! )
  • Be prepared to walk home and be abandoned by parents
  • You think you look ok at first but when u see your reflection in the car ,its a whole new story !!
  • Flour plus liquid becomes hard ,turning into cake !
  • Grab some dinner before heading for the shower (your'e gonna need it !! )
  • Do NOT shampoo your hair straight away (especially after a flour tempet ,it'll turn to shampoo cake)
  • Wear uniform in to bathe (if not , you'll have a nice flour souvenir on your face while u take out the uniform)
  • Be prepared to get grandma fingers (it takes a long LONG time to take out flour)
  • Try not to clog ur drain with hair ,be gentle with the flour !
  • Soaking your hair in water helps , a little....
  • Don't bump your head on the tap while soaking hair !!
  • Orange miranda DOES NOT come out of clothes .
  • Flour make nice LITTLE balls in hair ,good luck ...

*First hand source and experience*

rawks... =..=

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