Monday, November 26, 2007

There is a difference !

Its the end of the long awaited weekend .Lunches ,bowling trips, carol meets and usual raids to the noodle station is definitely a sign of a well used weekend. (I am so sure we are gonna be the talk of the noodle station staffs for days ! kudos to Justin Lee hahah)

Meeting friendly ,familiar faces again certainly gives you the perfect reason to come back to church/TRU again and again and again .Although routines are proven to be really unhealthy both physically AND spiritually I guess this kind of routine can be exempt ,agreed ?Such routines are good for the soul .... like ....... chicken soup XP !! and mashed potatos !! comfort food la .YOu know like those really really good nostalgic food ,Rocky, Nano Nano ,nuggets ,vitagen ,chicken rice*slurp slurp* .Back to the topic !!(food thoughts be gone !)

Anyway ,just a few days ago I was trying to explain the difference of school friends and church friends to a friend.And i came up with this :-

School etc. ,is like venturing out into the 'world' ,where "dishonesty is the best policy" and swearing is so frequently used you're immune to it ......and then the weekend (really, a joyous occasion for everyone ,I must add XD ) comes and you head back home/church always certain that you'll find someone that will give you a well needed hug or smile or a reli lame joke for the sake of cheering you up just because . A second family, may I presume ?I think that defines church .Besides ,were Brethren anyway !Isn't it self explanatory ?? Thats the difference ! Its funny , because you only ONLY see church friends 2 measly times a week and your school friends almost every single day ! You get to know the good side and the bad side of our fellow school mates ,but you still have not fully grasped the whole i dentity of your church friends and yet church friends always seem to easily build this sense of trust worthiness in a matter of days .

Trust that is true ,faith that is one and friendships that are eternal ........There's a difference ......a good one

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