Thursday, December 27, 2007

Pickled traditions anyone ?

Today , due to excessive boredom of 3 generations of ladies (one of them moi who telah pun disuka-paksa-rela ) decided to make our annual dessert ONLY made once a year .Usually made on the 22nd of December which is the winter solstice or something like that la . (According to my mom ofcourse ) This dessert is called "yi" .Translated it means spheres and that is exactly what it is ,little round spheres made with tapioca flour ,water and colouring .Simple yet so absolutely delicious once added with a lil lurveeee ....Namely , SUGAR ,dirt from our grubby hands as we roll the flour into tiny balls ,spice and everything nice ! Traditionally ,all the ingredients will be mixed together and kneaded until a dough is formed .Then ,it is rolled into a sausage like thingy and cut into averagely same sizes and then rolled into lil spheres and finally boiled and dropped into sugar water .THIS is the traditional way .

This time , the renown commander in chief/head chef of all things dessert and food in the Lee residence took a back seat and more supervised the younger generation ladies as they attempted to take this dessert thing in to their own hands .One must admit that we are guilty of tweeking the tradition by skipping the rolling-out-into-sausage-and-cutting-it-into-the-same-sizes technic and evolving it into the cubit-and-agak technic .I think it worked out fine ,not exactly uniform in size but just...... fine .

Next was tackling the legendary onde-onde .It was a funny scene as all the final products seem to have taken a shape and size of their own .From an "S" to an "M" to an"XL" and even shifting colours from a green to a green dotted with brown melaka splotches to white .Well ,atleast only a handful did not pass the quality check of the almighty "mama" !

It was a good day and I think its safe to say that all 3 ladies were pleased with their work and mentally patted their selves on the back at the end of the day .Tis' the season to preserve traditions !!! (anyone get the joke ?hehehe...)

FELIZ NAVIDAD everyone !!!
(christmas does last for 12 days! )

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