Sunday, May 11, 2008

I wanna be just like my mamma...

Two weeks ago my mom met up with a few med students cause they wanted to just get some insight on the med world in msia and aus and stuff, so who better to ask then Dr. Siew, doctor extraordinaire..

The stories my mom told were so amazing, the things she did, the things she had to sacrifice, the choices she had to make during her internship in the horrible conditions off a government hospital. My mom never shared these stuff to me and John so this was a once in a life time chance...hehe. I did find some stories very VERY amusing though I laughed SO hysterically I nearly collapsed when the story wasn't that funny at all...seriously. One particular story that knocked my socks off would be when she told us how she treated the birthing of babies like a factory. She would line all the expecting mothers who were about to give birth just minutes from each other. Once one baby is born, gloves were changed robes were changed and the whole process starts over again. A birth during that time wasn't sentimental, no pictures were taken sometimes the man wouldnt even be there, it was a process like an injection. The babies were coming out all over the place or as my mom would say "pop, pop, pop ! " ......... man, does my mom have a sense of humour or what ?!?!! That line made me lose it altogether ......

Other stories like how she had to sleep on the couch just because she did not have time to go back and frshen up before coming back and doing the whole shebang all over again and how she had to juggle between being a young mom with my bro and work and being on call and being a wife all at the same time, helped me respect her and love her even more than I already do.She, is one heck of a womahn.

I know for a fact how perfect she was all through her life. A smart, athletic, faithful girl she was and still is. She has been my role model all through my life, trying to meet up to her expectations everytime, for every subject and every sport I was there and I was there trying to be mom. Though I may not have met up with her incredible standards she is still there cheering me on and guiding me through.

I'm so glad to know my mom was there sacrificing so much for me and my bro and made it through to become the successful, influential, gracious and smart woman she is now. I love her so much, and I dare to say 'I wanna be like my mamma one day' .



Natasha S. said...

so your mom's a gynae//obstretrician isit? how cool.. tht's my ambition, too :D
lucky you weyh

sarah said...

hi aunty !

ilikewinter said...

Lol, she's a GP ..