Saturday, May 31, 2008

I wish I had a really good title to put here...

friend from Melb (I forgot who) : So what dya do in Maryborough for fun ??

Janey : *long pause*

Janey : *long pause*

Janey : OH !! shop in safeway !

friend from Melb : -.-

People ,meet safeway. This is what a normal melbourne busy safeway looks like inside .Now imagine instead of all the counters being open .... imagine two. Then, take away all the remaining people in the picture and leave 10 . That my friend ,is the safeway you will find in my little town of Maryborough . Exciting isn't it.

The saddest thing is that its probably the most exciting thing in tht town besides Target country ... ooooooh. Yes, so what I told my friend was in fact true. Shocking isn't it. The funny thing is out side the centre are 4 rows of trolleys , 4 very long rows to provide for the 8000 people in Maryborough in which only 1% is in Safeway at any given time. Oh, how fortunate we are.... what we lack in traffic lights and fast food outlets we make up in shopping carts .... Seriously, I reckon almost 3/4 of them have never been used. The day that the trolleys run out ,is the day Joey Tribianni throws out a meatball sandwich. Oh, the things we do to pass time in Maryborough .... You gotta see it to believe it. (this is a lousy attempt of persuading you to come over XD )


sarah said...

excuse me.

that photo is NOT SAFEWAY. that is coles. how dare you get them mixed up?

in my one and a half years worth of experience working at safeway, i can say that trolleys do run out.. sometimes :P

now i really want to go to marysborough just to see this safeway that looks like coles :D

ps. i got friends season 1 on dvd :D (and finished it already.. )
now to get season 2 ..

princessjo said...

I soo wanna go over now :)

Nah, where's the gold digging promo? *wink*