Sunday, June 8, 2008

Three beavers and a bear named Ghummie

Today is Sunday and tommorow is Monday but most importantly tomorrow is Monday with a holidayyyy.... Which mean I get to stay in Melb just for a tad longer. It has been a good eventful weekend after the hectic, somewhat stressful week .Although, nothing compared to the stress you guys face la. Lets start chronologically.

Exeunt (school end at 1.15pm) woooohooo ! Means more time to pack for Melb my second home lol. I mean seriously to pack for the next three days for a girl is pretty tough for a teenage girl, eventhough I still manage to put together something really bad. Well, what the heck. So, Impact ! Woohooo, most anticipated thing in the week besides the end of school on friday and baddy on Mon and Tues. Impact was cool, really great time of reflecting on the past week through worship and stuff .Does a great job in making you feel extremely guilty for the sins in the past week too. Sigh. At least He forgives....
Highlight of Impact was definitely hearing Jem(Jeremy Goh fellow BOL-er) evolving into 'Jamie'. Speaking in an oh-so-disturbing bimbo voice and talk about cosmetic products with the chicks in the bible study group. The worst part is that he actually knew a thing or two about the products. More than I do. FREAAAKY. And after draining all his feminity he decided to stabilize it with his Arnold Schwazza-something voice. Squeeks could be heard amidst the failed attempt. Lol, it was pretty entertaining.

It came it went leaving lots in the middle. Woke up that morning with strong urge to shop. Unfortunately I was being deserted by my family.... Golf, golf, study.. Babi... Anyway, messaged dear Sarah to accompany me for our shopping spree. Walaubagaimanapun, she was working. Poor girl started working at 7am .So, last option Kat's bday thingy majiggy ! Kat, Joanne's sister was having a bday picnic thingy and they are always the best. So yeah, I was happy to help twas fun. Haha, I love playing with a camera outdoors. Somehow everything looks good. (Jo, send me the bike and ribbon pic !! ) Btw, Happy Bday dear Kat !! Sorry if I gate crashed .Lol. Later, slept over at Jo's haha, bumming is always good when you have a headached coupled with sore throat which later morphed me into a sniffling,coughing,quacking beast. While Jo studied I decided to do my chinese hw sneakly behind the 'chinese guru', Jo. Haha, I reckon she's good at everything. Her room is so neat it scares the bajeezers out of me. Went to sleep, while Joanne continued to figure out what to where on Sunday.

Woke up to a very bad runny nose, sore throat combination. Ughhhh. Sorry Jo for disturbing your precious sleep. Lol. Btw, I should mention that Amelia, Jo's youngest sister is so cute. She has imaginary friends, seriously how cool is that. So cute. Ok, anyways wore my boots to church ! Woohooo, they are some cool boots .I was abit distracted during worship and stuff due to my constant sniffle. Eventually, lunch came ! wooot, nasi lemak all the way.
While eating, planned something to do after church coz family was ditching me again to go to Port Arlington because it was such a 'beautiful' day. Well, it was but I desperately wanted to watch Prince Caspian !! SO, after much persuasion and grunts and interesting theories (one had something to do with it being the Sabbath) on why they should not study but to come with Ida and I to watch Prince Caspian the end result was a 'Can't la' .Sigh. We tried so hard Ida !! haha. We took the train to the city and later arrived at Hoyts Cinema to find a really long line and Prince Caspian orange indicating the half fullness. NOOoo. Brilliant Ida though ,came up with a plan to promote 'Sex and the City' instead so that everyone else would buy it. Funny. In the end we got it !Yay, Prince Caspian here we come ! There we were squeling everytime High King Peter or the lil dwarf guy got hit and gushing whenever Prince Caspian was in the scene (or was it just me? ) It was great. Had a great time with my 'granddaughter'/'sister' .

Sorry for the super long post without any picture ,I wish I did. SO heres a super random adorable picture.Kudos to

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besides that, great weekend :D hahaha i feel bad now for studying . we'll do something next weekend !!! say saturday night ?