Friday, June 27, 2008

Haappy Happy birthday John John !!

I was going to write one long emo post about john john being old and how he is SO 'awesome' but thats not the Lee way .
Many have said how we look so much like each other blah blah blah... so, here's a whole list of things how were not. dedicated to my wacky bro

He can sing a falceto. I can sing a bass...
He loves the stage. I rather be the person behind the scenes
He spends money like there will be no tomoro..... well, I spend alot too..NEXT
He shops for me. I shop for me...
He wishes he was a girl cause we have nicer clothes. I wish I was a guy so I could ditch the clothes
He transforms anything he finds into a space craft thingy majiggy. I stare at him
He buys the best and often most useless presents. I buy presents
He draws well. I draw a cartoon pig that I learnt when I was 5
He attempts to speak chinese but fails. I dont attempt at all
He likes kids. I think I hate them
He is my fashion sense. I am his common sense
He loves pink. I love not pink
He loves durian....... enough said
His name is John. I am Jane. nice to meet you too

We have this fat and thin periods in our lives and weirdly enough, when he's fat i'm thin, when i'm ......fat he's thin. (John go gain some weight)


*insert picture of john john here*

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sarah said...

ahahah such a cute entry !

happy birthday john john !