Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I got a double dose of estrogen today

Tagged by Joanne-fishing. It looked like fun anyway. List 10 of your hotties of the oppo sex !!

Takeru Kobayashi
First man on my list !He eats for a living, professionally. aaaahhhh, he's my idol !and he has the guns and abs to be my hottie. A proffesional eater, who looks good. Although his biceps look freakishly big.

Josh Hartnett

Loved him since Pearl Harbour, the eyes oooooohh. So sepet he almost looks asian, but oh-so-cute !!!

Adam Brody

Who doesn't love his geeky-ness and sweet smile. He's so nice in The OC too! Always rooting for the underdog ! He even matches my blog layout colour !Isn't he nice...

Channing Tatum

You gotta admit, he is really really hot.... although his ears do look weird in some pics. haha

Michael Copon

He's a power ranger. Most of all, he's a cute power ranger !

Jon Mclaughlin

*Gabe gushes* He's so handsome !!! and he sings so well ! Even for only 10 seconds on Enchanted everyone noticed him. Come on !! Isn't that good enough !! *you're in my armss.....*

My gorgeous Milo Ventimiglia

Enough said....

Drake Bell

Cute baby face, I admit I watch 'Drake and Josh' on Nickelodeon just to feast my eyes for abit. He's cool.

Joshua Bell

I've never heard him play until I saw one of his poster and fell in lurvee !He looks so passionate, adds to the hotness... lol
Ben Barnes

He looks so much cuter here !! LOVE the hair !! Such an awesome photo of him.

Ida goes *prince caspian hot pics* XD






Sarah Wong


JaOng23 said...

hahaha drake bell! i do watch drake and josh as well on nickelodeon...hahaha you're not alone.

sarah said...

so jason likes drake now ?

i shall just reiterate what i spammed you on msn LOL .



amazing amazing picture .
take me now .