Saturday, October 18, 2008

Spring Fun

Theres no other way to spend a warm and sunny spring day than to have some guests while enjoying light lunch.
The Lee's found themselves buzzing like bees today trying to prepare lunch substantial enough for 4 hyperactive kids and 9 adults. It was a tad chaotic but nothing us Lee's couldn't handle.
I had much fun entertaining the adorable kids. We rolled around in the backyard, played dead, played baddy with tennis balls, and roared like lions while embracing Mr.Sun and sucking on our ice cubes. We had much fun. Nothing beats a day out on a warm Spring day.

Meet Hannah

and Joe

*he's clearly trying to do 'sepet'*


sarah said...


i want white kids D:

SabrinaW said...

hannah and joe are very cute!!! and the one of hannah running with her head looking back is very nicely taken. hehe