Saturday, December 6, 2008

So this is the end.

So it is the end of the year, 11 months have passed and boy have I underestimated it. I started the year expecting and preparing for the worst. You got to admit the whole moving to a whole different country/continent is a daunting task. But as I always am, I was proven wrong. My year has been nothing more than absolutely brilliant.
At the start of this blog, you may know that I posted on the mystery that was ahead of me , all the questions I had for the future down under. Well, those questions are now answered and I could not ask for more. I now know who my friends are, how it feels like to live down under, my house, my church and its all been nothing but the best.
To my 9 MS loves ,thank you for being there when I was suffering from my 'late nighters' and then keeping up with me while I sleep on the locker bench and also for the temporary high I have soon after. Thanks for the random bear hugs you throw at me just cause you can. For the good mornings and sweet smiles that I will never forget and for understanding and caring when you knew something was not right even though we didn't know each other too well.
Then, there are those crazy weekends with my girlies.... How could I forget all our JaneySarahTime (JST) through out the year even with out first spark of interest through our 'Ipanemas' which started our crazy chain of first prank, GG interests, TP drama and sconeless retreat, winnie the pooh chain, hunny and cereal discussions,I am cow, shallow and 'deep' msn convos, sticker photos, injokes, zefron stalking, HSM maybe converting, 24hour kmart, more injokes and others that I cbb to state and definitely many more to come (hello bridge ?) Thanks stalkee for being probably the best leader ever and an even better friend/BIFFLE ! (I miss saying biffle we should say it more often..) Btw, hope you like your pres eventhough we are so competing to who gets the better one. Glasses and honey rah ?? I know you too well.
Ofcourse, there is also a reason why I keep coming back to Melbourne every single week, to my IMPACT-ers, thanks for being the awesome second family that I can always go back to after an annoying week. For supporting me as I grow spiritually and for being awesome role models.
(This is sounding like an award acceptance speech) but thank you guys anyway. You know who you are. Yes thats right its YOU. I love YOU. seriously.
Now, its back home to my homies yo, that I have been missing for too long. See, now the thing about having friends in two continents is that you can't help but miss one of them. Oh well, rather have someone to miss than none at all :)
19 days to Jesus' Birthday !!

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sarah said...

one whole paragraph of the emo

i love you janey
so so much
can we picture msg overseas?