Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Frosty Ruby

Today, I woke up to a freeze-my-backside-off-bone-chilling-finger-numbing of a temperature .That would be 1 degree celcius for you. RIDICULOUS !!! The absolute worst part of the day by far would be changing from your nice and warm pjs into your frosty uniforms in the morning ....and again I say ridiculous... This morning, my backyard was covered with frost, it literally crunched like 'ais kacang' when you walked through it and the air was so humid and thick and foggy you could actually see smoke from the factories hang in the air as if it time stood still. Fascinating much ..

Later in the day I had badminton matches .Awesome stuff but you do feel sorry for the other team which have no experience at all. Plus, my team has 5 guys and 1 girl, the girl being me la. Btw, matches here not kiasu at all wan, its like having a friendly. The matches were finished fairly fast and so I proceeded to play somemore with me mates.Anyways,I haven't told you this but the main reason I joined badminton here was because there would be a higher probability of me meeting yellow people if not the highest. And I did ! some from Hong Kong, Thailand and even Macau, there are not very many of us ... well, 7 to be exact but my prayers have been answered and they are all nice and friendly and oh-so-good at badminton. I'm happy :)

Kinda sprained my wrist... hehe

My red hot lappie came in today !!!! Rejoice ! Rejoice ! and again I say rejoice ! I love it ... so excited babi .... yay , yay , yay .... Haven't got a name for it yet, any suggestions ??

so pweeetttyyy

Dell inspiron 1520 Ruby Red

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