Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Off to battle yet again...

I know the Mid Terms are around the corner
and everyone is buried
under a mountain of reference books coloured with highlighter
with a can of 'Red bull' in hand under the demeaning light of a table lamp from 'Ikea'
The word 'online' and 'computer'
is haram during this time of the year
Hence, the MSN online world population decrease
Early nights are non existant and late mornings are frowned upon
The pressure is so intense it drives you insane
I would say 'don't stress !'
but that would be close to impossible
All I can say is
Bare with it as you always do
'grab the bull by its horns' and endure the bumpy ride
and before you know it
you're enjoying a BIG fat juicy Ramly burger again
cia you !!

remembering you guys in prayer :)

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