Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Update !!

ALO.sorry haven't updated for awhile now .I would say , I was piled up with homework or I was travelling too much or it was cold and the dog ate my computer or Sanjaya just decided to make an album resulting to the sky falling down ,but none of that would be true (thank goodness ).
The REAL reason would be that I had been tied on my two girls for these 2 weeks ,yes my two girls ,Ms .Gilmore and Ms.Gilmore .I ,Jane Lee (2) recently got the WHOLE season 1and 2 from fellow BOL-er ,Sarah Wong !! WOOoooottt .... I am forever indebted .(she has season 1 to 6 for goodness sake la ,must suck up ma XD )Hehe ,I see the Wong-ies turning green .Yeah ,so thats my justification .

So ,what have I been doing the past 2 weeks ,you ask ? Well ,lots of Melbourne time ,every weekend non stop in fact ,which is ALWAYS good need to freshen up on the Msian in me la .. Yeah ,good fun with bro ALSO watching gilmore girls non stop till we fell asleep.Plus ,lots of running around the city trying to get home or to reach the pedestrian crossing before it turns red .We were out of breath and we needed to pee ,very very uncomfortable position ....

This week has been pretty busy too ,athletics day aka. sports day which I didn't take part in which I never do .It was strange though ,being on the other side of the track .How I miss the warm smell of the red rubber track and the tension, so thick you can cut it like 'chao tau fu' and the chills the second the gun is about to pop .Well ,the winning isn't that bad too ... hehehe .

After school that day I decided to try out badminton .Yep ,you saw it right BADMINTON ... ahahaha ... it sounds so foreign when you relate it to Jane Lee doesn't it ? Aha ,yeah I figured since the caucasians are solely builty on power and force and ramming things down like bulldozers ,why not give badminton ,the sport focused on speed ,agility ,flexibilty and concentration a try .Malaysia Boleh right ? haha ...the night went just fine and I met quite a few asians .YAY ...nyahahhahaha ...LMAO .From ,Macau ,Thailand ,Hongkong all over la .Man ,its so great to meet yellow people amidst the pink .The best part is I found out today that I was like selected into the grade A team as like emergency player if someone can't make it or whatever .So yeah ... awesome-ness .

I hope that's enough update for you guys for now ,I really miss you guys in Msia man !! Gosh, the frisbee tournament and camp retreat stories make me green .grrr .. haha .Really hope you guys are doing fine up there :) MISS YOU SO MUCH !!!

the other day I stumbled on this guys display name on MSN and it was
'know is know ,noknow is noknow'
OH MANNN .....


Anonymous said...

Attention! See Please Here

sarah said...

YAY ! i appreciate the name drop xD

and i like the metaphor "so thick you can cut it like 'chao tau fu' " .

how i will miss you, counting down til 10th of may !