Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I miss having tosai rawa
I miss chicken rice with extra black sauce
I miss stoning Hannah and Crissy's place
I miss stoning at Liesl's place
I miss running my pencil up Kelly's spine ....hehehhehe
I miss wearing two pieces of clothing and undies la...
I miss noodle station
I miss playing 'chi ku pak' with 'chi ku pak' pros
I miss inventing incredibly absurd games with the girls
I miss playing them
I miss my friday timestable 2 usaha had last year, 4 periods of pj and nilam time, a period of english and a period of Geo.... oooh
I miss handball !!!
I miss sleepovers
I miss MPO outings
I miss supper at Asia cafe
I miss ikan bakar
I miss playing for TRU
I miss hiding behind Ashley and Anusha's table during Geo
I miss running and ducking from teachers during school hours
I miss pepsi cola and jadi jadi
I miss cycling to Lyn's house to watch friends and picking her up for breakfast
I miss the garbage truck
I miss cycling to Hannah's place just because I can
I miss my bball partner Aka !
I miss Melb !

I can list sooo many more ....

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