Sunday, May 3, 2009

I know right .BEST

Post birthday presents are so awesome.. love them ! thank u BELOVEDS ;) you make my day. 

Update on my life .So, we're a term into Year 10, its been pretty good but I slack. Not that I'm not doing well, its just so pointless ? Not pointless.... easy? dunno. but slack. The asian in me is slowly fading away. Aussies are more hardworking than I am. Doing work all through the weekend. I cannot live like that. Not for me. I have a life :D Sabbath right ?? should be for rest and fun and rship building. 

Getting back into the hang of school took some time again, first term is always the hardest for me. So... awkward and uncomfortable. By God's grace I do get used to it and things start to get interesting and routine. I am a creature of routine. Love routines. 

Also, if you havent realised I'm beginning to talk in very short sentences nowadays. MSN has taken over my speech. SO bad. Till people from the past do not understand me anymore. thousand apologies, ampun maaf kawan sekalian. :) i still babi.

Ok, pointless post. I'm sorry. I just thought this space needed some life. 

The thing is, I am happy. I am alive. I love God. He loves me. He is my light. He is my salvation. Whom shall I fear? Its not that everything is good and perfect, its just made bearable when I know whose got the world in the palm of His hands. you know? 
if you don't know, I wish you did :)

i know right .best :)

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sarah said...

i love you.


but as your youthleadder i say.. STUDY HARDER!! next week we study together okok?