Tuesday, May 18, 2010

You're My Person

Sarah Wong
21 years old on the 19th of May 2010
Generally associated with the following things :-


-beloved -jupiter –hunny –cereal –home wrecker –religion section –dy –same person –launderette etc..(because it is ON going )(BECAUSE we hawt)

Fan Girls

-HSM –Kenny Ortega –Gilmore girls –Greys –relient k –John Mayer –Tswizzle –Edward –Jon Mclaughlin –Alexis Bledel –Poxon –Tanya –Wongfu

Placements and Jobs

-Ballarat of the stolen baby –Beach town of the mcd 6am breakfasts –St Vs who LOOKS SO DUMB RIGHT NAOO – safeways of the DY and hot italians –clarendon of the crazy patients


Blue Play doh –black chair –taylor swift –babbitt and pig –honey –mixed cds –gilmore girls –john mayer in REAL LIFE who sang to ME -wigs of the golden variety –letters –Nerfs –curtis stone cook books –BAKED BROWNIE CAKES –panda phones –cupcakes –puzzled faces –itouch you burrehs –lappies –and awesomeness in a box (as you can see our gifts, like wine keep growing better with age.I’m expecting a car next year ;) ) JKS

Bonding Times

jerp love notes –pranks at the easter camp –milk –wasted petrol –unnecessary roadtrips –champagne gold ‘not that I’m drinking or anything’ –dancing in the moonlight –epic bonding times at treasured possessions –love confessions x9345 -sleepovers that did not involve sleep –food – dondon –uni assignment dramas –‘tough times’-mbro surprise visits-calling in sick at safeways for first time everrr -deodarising boys dorm rooms -24 hour Kmart –more stayup overs –juwita suwito –stalking and adding of other peoples various partners, of all whom are mostly creepy/noncreepy/annoying/ugly/douchey/commonfaced/stupidfaced/poofaced/nice –zefrontisdalehudgensortega stalking-slow dancing–morning messages –I am cow and cow refrences –giving each other exactly same gifts for Christmas 08’ –sharing same….monthly cycles… -wedding colour schemes –long and possibly –RETURN of long and possibly –trionicles aka.bionicles but THREEE -spoons that are toooo big -handling the jelly -HIJAB -fake gangsta tattoos-Acute Tubular Necrosis -and eating some more

Little things that really count

–waking up and being ttly inappropriate in bed –getting tutored –hating boys that I love but are total douches-then liking the boys cause I like them -airport adventures -highlighting blogposts for hidden meaning –huggles when I’m bawling my eyes out or just needa hug, virtual or non virtual –picking me up and dropping me off at the busiest times of the day –knowing all your closest friends-being the person your father calls when he can't find you-hour long phone calls –driving all the way back to torquay just coz I was upset and things of that sort

I guess through it all, we’ve only grown closer and closer and maybe almost to the point where we might be a little bit TOO close and a little bit TOO inappropriate :P I hope we don’t get too close and get sick of each other though, cause its true I don’t think I can live without you in my life as cheesy as that sounds X) You’ve always been my punching bag, my rock, a source of comfort, my 'person' and my big sister. I know as much as we continue to piss each other off for not talking/texting/calling each other after ONE WHOLE DAY or when we forget certain important dates or just being a fail friend and not writing an epic speech, I know we’ll love equally and sincerely through it all. Through all your transitions in life from the first year of uni, placements, last year of uni, soon-to-be graduation, work, being old and everything in between I hope that I’ve been as good a friend and sister and loverrrr as you have been to me cause I couldn’t ask for more .

Sarah Wong, you’re gorgeous, generous, crazy, caring, genius, selfless, brave and an absolute delight to spend every weekend with. I love you and I can’t wait to share in all that is in store for you in the future, ie; MARRIAGE, BABIES, and things of that sort. Soooo….



and the following are pictures of ME ...with sarah in them. :P just couldn't help myself

epitome of pure awesomeness... right THERE

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sarah said...

don't tell dorcas, but you're my real christina.