Thursday, March 20, 2008

For the princess in you

Do you know Easter is really big here ? oooooh , jakun .Lol .So anyways ,as the last day of school and Easter coming up and all ,we were assigned people in our class to give something to ie; Easter eggs/bunnies .It isn't the hardest thing to do over here since supermarkets are packed with easter eggs and bunnies .So ,I got this guy Tom Nagle as my person .A fairly small skinny fellow ,with enough energy in him to light a small town .He is nice too .
Back to the point ,me being me in a shopping mood with Daddy's cash in hand I decided to get something special .After a careful search for the perfect egg ,I spotted the "Disney Princess Egg" . (Now everyone goes *oooooooohhhhh ....I wannn*) I thought it would be reli funny ,so I gave it to him the next day with a note saying "For the 'princess' in you" .He thought it was cool and proceeded to eat it , a few seconds later he comes running to me screaming "There's something in it !!!" .Low and behold , the egg was a collectible kinda thing and there was a miniature Sleeping Beauty doll inside .I forced him to keep it .MUAHHAHAHAHAHHAHA ..... I'm so proud of that egg .....




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