Monday, March 31, 2008

Jubli Emas

After a long uneventfully annoying day ,theres nothing better than to receive some extra love from the place you miss the most ....Snail mail takes the cake ANYDAY .Snail mail is a chunk of oreo cheese cake after a messy break up ,an Ogawa chair after a tiring day ,a cup of hot Milo-O on a cold winters day ,caramel popcorn during a good movie , and a good msn convo with your closest buds .You get my drift ? haha ...It is is absolutely OHSEMM .

Can u guess who it came from already ??
Thanks Tina:) for the bestest thing I have received in ages .Though it wasn't much ,its the thought that counts eh ? hehe ...I LOVE IT !! Btw, I pasted the glow in the dark dolphins under my photographs :)
this is the 50th post !!!!

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