Tuesday, March 11, 2008

TAG you're it !!!

Wow , this tag thing has been spreading like wild fire over the past day ...Got tagged by Shan .

Real name: Jane Lee Wen Hui (people here still dont believe i used "Jane" as a first name all my life)
Nickname: Janey Waney is most popular ,Ja-neh which sounds reli weird and Jane-jane (the only person who still calls me that is none other than Shanice Sim) Faddie(none other than Liesl Tan )
Married: Well . I'm DEFINITELY married at 15 ...
Male/Female:Last I remembered ,I was female .Not very often mistaken for a guy ,but very often refered to as "tough"( once called "tomb raider" ... Good gosh ....thanks aka =.=)
High school:Usaha Jaya Bakti baybeh ! S.M.K.S.J and now Ballarat Grammar school
Short or long hair: Long and 'uncamped' according to Kat Tan ... haha .
Are u a healthy freak: Seriously =.= ? Does babi mean anything to u ??
Height:163 cm .....ishhh bedabah ...
Do u have a crush on someone? Yes ,I do . so what XP
Do u like yourself:I'm satisfied with myself .lol .Though ,pimples have been erupting .... differin does the job !
Piercings: Yes
Righty of lefty: Righty


Srgery: Well , if u count the wart removal a surgery then yes .
Piercing: Mom conned me by bringing me to Poh Kong to "check out some jewellry" yaaaa ....
Person u see in the morning: Toilet and then dad making bfast
Award: Best Student in Mega Kids !!! Muahahah ...still so proud of that one .
Sport u join: Officially basketball in 2006 ,never looked back after
Pet: The little shiny blue-ish green-ish fishes ..aiya ,might as well call them ikan bilis
Vacation: go ask my mom
Concert: I did act as little mermaid in kindy ... hahah ... disturbing right .
First crush: Joshua in kindy (I have a thing for angmohs go figure)


Eating:Fruit nut bar ,before that ham sandwich ,before that chocolate cheese cake and before that lunch.... explains the healthy thing, doesnt it XD
Drinking: Rain water
Im about to: Makan somemore .....

Your future...

Want kids: 4 in 4 !! nolah .. pleasee .2 is just right or maybe 3 but must have boys and girls la .
Want to get married: Yeah
Careers in mind: Jungle pig/Babi hutan (seriously , absolutely random)

Which is better?

Lips or eyes?: Eyes ,have you seen the ones they have here ????!!!!
Hugs or kisses: Both
Shorter or taller?: Taller la .
Romantic or spontaneous: Enough of the spontaniously romantic thing .Romantic but not cliche !
Sensitive or loud: GOod mixture of both
Troublemaker or hesitant?: Troublemaker but not crminal ,makes life more interesting

Have u ever....

Kissed a stranger?: Nahh , unless i did something really dumb in kindy ...
Drank bubbles: Belum lagi
lost glasses/contacts:Like Crissy ,always wanted to wear them but i'm satisfied with my shades .
Ran away frm home:Yeah ,this year on the 20th of Jan , haven't gone back since .
liked someone younger:Does Judson count ? hahahah ...prodigy la that fella ...
liked someone older: Yes
Broke someone's heart: I don't think so
Been arrested:Nope , but I should be arrested for the amount of hotel shampoo bottles we have lying around .
Cried when someone died: Yeah ,Tomb Raider ouside marshmallow inside .
Liked a friend: Well , it usually is like that .YOu don't just randomly like someone !

Do u believe in...

Yourself?: More often than not but it doesnt hurt to rely on Him most of the time .
Miracles: Yep
Heaven: Yes !
Santa Claus: I always pictured him as a cartoon character ...
Magic: Nahh ,this is what u get when u become the magician's daughter .
Angels: I believe in angels !!

Answer truthfully..

Is there someone u want to be with right now?: There are too many someones I want to be with right now
Do u believe in God?: Yes , the creation of the world just doesnt make sense without God .Jesus !

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Kee Ken


Grace said...

hey tomb-raider! how was the visit from the small contingent from home? :)
btw, gracie - is that me?

ilikewinter said...

yes gracie is you sayang , why u never put on the cbox wan ..Lara Croft !!! wooottt .... hahahha ...It was good , went to phillip islan and got my supply of Differin and Cetaphil XD

loves !!