Saturday, March 15, 2008

Happy Happy ,Joy JOy ,Happy Happy ,Joy

Last night I was given a new nick name ,Joy-Jane ... The only reason for this is because one of my Aussie friends kept calling me Joy for some odd reason ... Apparently ,she has a friend named Joy who has black hair .She does not look like me ,have the same hair style as I do or even have my surname .She just has black hair .Thats all , just black hair .Is it clear to you now how rare it is to find a black haired girl here ? haha , I'm not really complaining just making a statement .But that is only the first part of the nick name .

Later in the night after the youth meeting .Ooops, forgot to mention the youth meeting . The local church had a youth meeting at the house of the youth leader,Chloe .We had a swim in the pool and had worship and ate (do note that i did not use "makan " ,"makan" is in a WHOLE new league). ANyways , after the youth meeting Chloe gave a few of us a ride back home .Little did I know ,Chloe picked up on the "Joy" calling and started calling me "Joy" as well ,again for no apparent reason and there after the girls in the car started talking nonsense and somehow concluded that I would be Joy-Jane and therefore J.J just because I was supposedly "happy" .Happy Jane I am ! So much for picking up on "Janey Waney"

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