Sunday, July 6, 2008

Balik kampung

Chyl's reflex to a camera is incredible..
pretty lightsss
abit high on the juice eh?

Monkey evolved into babboon
I just find this picture so entertaining..
Great pose esther


Jalan jalan.. sudah makan

drama trio's day out


DS baybeee...

penang tropicana with the gang once again
vincents work of art

wei wei !

So, i'm back after 16 days of nonstop action, events and awesomeness. So much has happened over the past 2 weeks, and so much to say where do I start ?! Ok, I'll tell you the truth, I reckon this is the 8th time I've tried to post about the past 16 days but nothing seemed to come up to its standards so I have come to a conclusion that I shall just blab. Brace yourselves !! Here we gooo...

Malaysia was all I expected it to be ,hot, humid, polluted, dirty, ugly, with non stop rain and non stop shine, smelly drains and disgusting toilets. Doesn't sound like much eh ? but lets not stop there ! in the midst of all things foul there it was nasi lemak, otai burgers, milo kosong ais, kai fan, keropok lekorr !!!! aaaaaaahhhhhh.... heaven ! but how can I forget the most important factor, the people who knew me the most, they were there and I couldnt feel any better. I belonged again.

THe 10 days was used to its fullest, shopping, visits, makan, dinners, suppers, breakfasts( although I usually slept through most of them), lunches, gg marathons, movies and ofcourse random bum times.... It was much fun. These things could not have been accomplished if it wasnt for you incredible people who allowed me to kacau you and create havoc in your homes for that period of time, thank you Tans and Wongs especially . Thank you very very much and it was MY pleasure ;P
Great.... in crissy's words 'mojo' is gone. I guess I'll give a more substantial post when I come around to it.

I did write out a whole post on the trip to msia a week ago but it somehow got deleted, so go blame blogger.... grrrrhaarhh

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