Monday, July 21, 2008

PHEWW... long one ahead folks !

Because I wanted to and not because Hannah wanted me to .
I will always be your 'babi'

As usual I found myself down in Melbourne again last weekend and yes it actually is 'down' in Melbourne cause I found out yesterday that Melbourne is actually about 600m lower then Ballarat geographically .How cool is that .

Ok, well .The weekend was great as usual ,very eventful which makes it even better cause you feel like time is passing really fast but it really doesnt and you're left satisfied in the end. Thats a really nice feeling. After an hour ride down from oh Ballarat Grammar we arrived in the Pillai house where I also just found out yesterday that Pradesh, Preman and ... errr Ken something is their indian name and Jer, Ben and Ken is their christian name ! Weird, I always thought the names were their surnames and I always got confused .I am enlightened . Anyway ,had an awesome bowl of SUP KAMBING and coriander and random roast chicken with the Pillai's and then later greeted by the Chans and Ong for 'impact'.

After enduring a journey long conversation in the car by the boys about football and football and what more, FOOTBALL (its a wonder how u laster so long last year Jo, seriously) we arrived. Laughing with Jo and catching up on 'matters' followed by punching of Ian before worship is always fun and so relieving .I can't exactly 'geram' punch my dad/mum .I only throw 'sam' at them. Doesn't do much I tell you. Worship was good refreshing, recharging. How great is our God . Props go to Jem for the inspiring sermon , straight to the point and purposeful, wish I brought my notebook and pen ,really .This is a really long post I should summarize , as I have only covered day 0.5 of weekend.
Next day arrived with a confortable quilt over me which is the most conforting thing to wake up to .Watched 'Why so serious ?' with John john and half of the time the Joker was on screen my eyes were closed ,his freaky voice doesnt make anything better .My name is Jane, I am a whimp . Heath Ledger did a brilliant job. CAPTAINBALL was next followed by a lot of trigger happy photos by yours truly with the beautiful 'Haley' and 24 snaps later I ran out of film .Oh the tragedy !! The cons of going old school .If you think I already had an eventful day, you're wrong .'Manifest' was next on the list .('Manifest' is like 'Hillsong' minimized) With such vague directions of the 'big buildings', 'trees' and 'Burke rd and 'Cotham rd' how can anyone get lost !? really ! Grrrr... I guess my bad sense of direction in the city was a contributor as well .Long story short ,I was an hour too late and missed worship .mmmh. Day 1.5 end.

A bowl of beef noodle soup was there to save my day the next morning as I have recently been converted into a 'not morning person' .Thank you dear cow who died unwillingly for me. If it means anything ,You were delicious (sorry Milo XD) Finally we were only late for church by 10 mins which isn't bad compared to our past records .Awesome worship, items (good job girls) and sermons done. Here comes big finale .FOOD GALOREE ... coupled with some Joanne and Ida and Ian and Ida and people time. Ofcourse with a dash of Simon YOW'S interestingly disturbing curiosity and humour .Eeeh, the tissue episode haunts me.
Things involved:-

Carlson's snot filled tissue

Carlson's snot filled tissue wrapped in clean tissue in Simon's hands

Simon Yow and his curiousity

and a

mortified crowd after snot is discovered by Simon

even after ALOT of persuasion to do otherwise.

Day 2 END


sarah said...

you forgot the most important things.. gg s7 :P


ilikewinter said...

YEAA ... non stop all the way GG !!! i cant believe chris proposed so fast ..goshh !!hey do u want to see the last ep together sometime ?

sarah said...

are you asking me out on a date?


i'd LOVE to watch the last eg together with you *muak*

ilikewinter said...

yea babe ;}
Would like to go out on a date with me ?? *blush blush* hehe, yayyy...