Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I taste colour

Haley meet everyone

Everyone meet Haley
New toy wooot !!! Introducing my Nikon SLR film camera passed down by me uncle in Spore. She's great ! I can't wait to get the pics developed, costly but ...who cares. heh.
She so sexay.
Stair. Janey
Apparently Haley as a first name means hero
Haley, the hero who shoots !!!!.....photographs....
oh, it also means hayfield as a last name


Grace said...

SLR!! woo... i foresee a deluge of great pics from you!
mayb ur dad will let you develop the pics urself... set up a dark room somewhere...

ilikewinter said...

oh semmm

sad thing bout film is tht u actually have to wait... but its ok ! Old school baybehh...my room will be draped with photographs .MUHAHAH....

hi gracie XD