Saturday, July 12, 2008

I hate cold toilet seats

WARNING : this is post is dedicated to frustration and relief and emo, so if u do not hav a life i encourage u to waste more of ur time and read this .If u do have a life, I am very proud of you for having a life and not bothering on self pity .woot go life .

I hate it. I hate it .GOsh , I'm whining and I hate whining, why am i whining ? Coz i hate it .
I listed it down everything i'm facing and I am telling you, a 15 yr old is not supposed to be facing so much. I mean yeah there are the african children and all ....but us city slickers we are whimps and wusses so we cant handle stress and so I think I'm facing alot which reli might be pretty minute things but who cares, it is my blog. MY blog.
New country, new continent, new school, new town, new house, new car, new uniform, new friends... new culture, white people (where is yellow??? I like yellow), pasta, pie, new big grand intimidating school, new old people (haha , funny, new...old), new sports, new weather, small town of 8000 people, small town lacking in 492000 more people.
Being in denial all this while putting on my happy face for the crowd, whopeee. It doesnt help abit....

'Hey Jane ! How are you?'
'Yeah I'm good' *insert big happy fake smile to please crowd*

I want people, I want to see people and talk and have an awesome conversation and build abs by laughing and TALK and not feel judged or a burden. I want you stupid people that I miss so much. I want to go to Subang to Melbourne......I dont wanna be here. not here, not now. please?
Just for a moment can everyone else not have a problem ?? cause I do. Can't I be the one that wants to cry ....gahh..

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