Monday, August 4, 2008


the one thing you never see Hana do, EAT

Ah Ma (or my grandma) styled post- beware aussies


sebenteen yer old adi harr ??!!! WAhh *hen piao liang neh* !! Got boiflenn anot ! If got I PIAK you KA CHUI then you know ! Aiyo , u know i know you from littre gerr you know ! Now so big adi harr. Where you mommy ? Come aunty cook for you dinner .You got bot anot ? I tapau for you mommy ....


End ahma post.


Love you babe! Don't get too stressed out over the *'S' word* Praying for you and your ASEAN scholarship too ! Or did you get back the results already .. Gosh I feel so kuno. Babi youu.. Thanks for always being super selamba when the Lee's raid your place :D I love the 'whatever'ness . The Wong-ies will always be my home away from home. Wanna go makan ?

Miss you

Super duper poser hannah and jane after changing hair partings after shower and before sleepover and also before head banging with Crissy .

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