Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I've been feeling very very tired lately. I blame the bus trips. GAhhh... I despise them .Bus trips aren't very fun anymore .Although music and 'sermon on the mount' sermons help.(Yesh, wong-ies I started listening to it on my DS) Its such a great way to spend the time really. 'Meditate on it day and night' Joshua 3:5. Very practical way.
Fatigue+maths= grumpy (sorry Mr Yu)
I've been sleeping about 8 hours, maybe everyday and I still feel like I'm about to collapse when I get up. I try to go to bed earlier but its just not how my body works. Which reminds me 7 mins till 1030... noooo. Need sleep, need to lose some weight ....mmmmmh..(and Iishan goes YESSHH)..need to get drawing done.'s snoring

Goodnight folks

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