Monday, August 18, 2008

SO how was your weekend ??

AWESOMEE....I'm not very sure how to squeeze everything into a single post but i'll try. So, friday came hand in hand with the highly anticipated TP RETREAT/'advancement' and not so highly anticipated 40 hour famine, also with a starving PHEEBEE .haha .Poor girl looked like she was about to collapse .The Edmund Rice centre was b-uuu-ti-fol even more when there was only about 30 of us girlies to enjoy the place. A perfect spot for our 'advancement' indeed.
And so at 8 the starvation period for the youngins began.,16 AUG 08......OPERATION JO TYI....

After our short shuffling session with 'sifu' Tiffany (yes noob Janey wanted to experiment,now STOP LAUGHING) we decided we were not very good anyway, so off to check up on the MIA peoples .Low and behold the youngins dorm was invaded by the *coughnotsoyounginscough* .Streamers were everywhere ! and BALLOONY too. Given the update of Tyi's bday surprise we joined in too. 1150 came and it was show time, I don't think I have every held Haley for so long, I was getting sore. SOo long.. Yeh, so boom !*pop pop pop* SURPRISEEEEEEeeee...

The after 'party' is top secret and is never to be revealed also because it went by so quick and blurry.MUHAHAHAHA...All you are entitled to know is 410 SS photos, people involved Kayla, Sarahs, Jane 2, Zoe, Tifff and also...lots of 'Soooooo-s'

8 hours down, 32 hours to go.

Rolling out of bed was easy after our 4 hours of sleep .Take note I said 'ROLL'. Not eating was bad enough, fatigue was torture.

15 hours down, 25 hours to go.

TIme to go 'home' came as soon as it was then time to go to Sarah's for sleepover !! Guitar hero-ing and DS-ing and 'Interpreting' and 'Walking & Remembering' and 'Being there for-ing' all contributed to the spirit of the sleepover, ofcourse what is a sleepover without girly talks and girly giggling and even more late nights. zzzzzzzz.....

38 hours down, 2 TO GO !!!

Worship was great on Sunday, recharging and finding rest in Him again .hehe... 'notchyet'/not yet .

40 hour famine OVERrrr

How exciting. Food glorious food

Ok, this post getting abit stale, is the no mood and fatigue kicking in.
SOOOO. What next! Haha, roadtrip with Ida,Sarah,Jo,and Jane 2 !!to the CBD yo. By far the busiest day of the weekend. Spent an hour or so just finding a parking space. SUch a big reminder of what we used to face in KL. Packed to the brim with cars and footy fans.UGhh. For a population of 20 million in a CONTINENT, one would wonder why everyone just decided to congregate on a single area on this very day. Spread out people !We hate football..Finally, parking space found but
(lol, I'm looking at two cars reversing simultaneously in opposite directions outside my house right now, funny !)
Ok random . SO yes, Sarah decided to reward ourselves for finding a parking space by sticker photo-ing there after. Haha, yes sry Satay Stix peeps, guilty as charged :D I feel so enlightened after my first sticker photo-ing. SUch a skill I tell you.
After fulfilling our 'Satay Stix' duty ,we are off again ! to visit the wonderful Wizard of OZ ...not really

Ida, Sarah and Jane 2 floated over crowds, over pweety pink Ipanemas and Jay jays and ugly ugly Supre for quite awhile until it finally dawned on us that the Famine did have an effect on us and we were really really tired.
Home now, but not for me again, I feel like a Normad. To the Chan's !! I owe Sarah a chunk of 'Milo' for the transport. Thanks babe much much.46 hours of Janey time, you must be so tired of me. hehe.
Ian and I had our once in a lifetime D&M session (deep and meaningful) Its so cool catching up on him after 5 years of silence .Childhood friends reunited.He has changed so much, so have I but he doesnt think so . mmmh ,then again he's a guy .muahahaha..Its funny how much the Chan's actually remmeber bout their time in Malaysia. Even to what John and I say when we played 'Cho Dai Di' in Perhentian Seriously who remembers stuff like that .(haha, remember our mirror talk, Sel?)
Btw, Ethan intimidates me , he knows so much.. too much. Chan's place was fun.

Ida: So how was your week?
Sarah: I don't know, I kinda forgot after the weekend
Jane: Yeah the weekend was so eventful it blew my week away. lol

That summarized my weekend so perfectly. A long,tiring,eventful,BOL weekend beats a short eventless week anyday.

Sam hearts Y.O.U and his 'boost'

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