Monday, August 4, 2008


I must admit one of the biggest dissapointments I had to face when I found out I was to move down under was that I was going to miss the deschoo wedding ! THE deschoo wedding ! Not being able to witness what would have probably been the happiest day of your lives was........ so not cool .

I know every kid in sunday school always and still raved when ' kor kor des ' was worship leading and now 'jie jie dolati'. We kids have always looked up to you as our role models ,always wanting to be like our most favourite-est, uber kewl kor kor who knew every action of every sunday school song (or just pretended to know as we now learn :D) and also uber puhweety jie jie (with crazy biceps) who was always there when you needed .

As I grew and your relationship 'blossomed' (so not a jane word) I consider myself privilleged for having such loving role models that could always be counted on (except for capt ball). Hehe, I must consider myself pretty privilleged for being the first few to know about the proposal too XD . Bangga sial .
Anyways, you will always be my kor kor des and choo (coz i dun think I have ever called choo ,jie jie anyways) ... (mmmh, funny how i still call 'jie jie Jen' ,jie jie Jen even after the marriage where you're entitled to be called Aunty Jen which so doesnt work ! ) So anyways, I'll give you guys a big bear hug and raid your house and give you a Jane style house warming when I come back la hor ?

Love always,

~Jane doe a deer~

Sad how the first time we had a photo together is of the last time we were gonna be together!

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