Sunday, August 31, 2008

boooo -ty sweatt...

The following are the results of excessive 'Melb-ing'

YOU get to meet Juwita Suwito and have her sign your CD.
right to left; Zoe,Tiff,Jane 2,Juwita Suwito,Sabrina, Ida, Joanne

You also get to START THE CLAP with Sarah Wong and dance with Sarah Wong and be gangsta with Sarah Wong AND Azahal ...heheh

YOU also get to have special D&M sessions with Joanne Yu till 1++ .I love our D&Ms. haha, I love Amy too !hehe..

YOU also end up paying $9.90 to watch Tropic Thunder and seriously wonder why you did so.
Father, forgive Tiffany for choosing such a horriblly hilarious show. Amen

and then you get to go back ,to the most heavenly choc chip cookies in the world.
I think Maryborough helps me appreaciate Melb even more.

I was gonna make a long post on the weekend but since Sarah has done reasonably well, I'll just do a brief run through .
First of all, let me tell you that I was not supposed to be going down to Melb this weekend and the next,which I was not very happy about, hope I wasnt whining. So anyway, I approached the weekend slowly not exactly too excited bout it. I thought yeah, atleast I would get some sleep and slow down a bit after my hectic weeks, esp after the very very long night I had the day before....Much to my surprise i was wrong, so very WRONG. In such a good way I must add :)
Well to cut it short, Jem and Sarah (the best youth leaders in the world) surprised me that Friday after school at Mborough, after alot of very suspicious messages about my bus and where I was and when I was going to get home. Sarah = pro stalker. Mborough is about 2 and a half hours away from Melb. That is pretty darn far and they drove all that way AND back and I love them so. ROADTRIP !! twas fun except for the very scary question that they WANTED to ask me but DID NOT. Don't you just hate tht. Nevermind.. all is forgiven .hehe. Thanks yous alots :) and shame on you for being pai seh Jem !!
So how was my weekend ?? I loved it esp the part when i was in Melb. har har har..

Thanks guys for making Melb such a magical place for moi ;) Loves.

no jason, you are not hotter than lee hom


sarah said...


aww i love my janey weekends <3

lol jason or lee hom ? HMMMMMM ..

princessjo said...


Let's keep forever love-ing :)

jason ong said...

Lee Hom is Friggin 32 yrs old! Sheesh.... Get ovah'im JANE! Admit it, your toooo Young.