Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Fatties never take good photographs together

To my dearest liesl tan pei sian-fatty-bestie-lil sis,
HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! After 3 naive, giggly lil girly years and 3 drama filled years, I still love you and I'm glad we've stayed close for all these years. Hehe, apart from all my other friends who 90% are older than me, you're a 1993 baby and you understand me better than I know myself. Maybe thats why you're my bestie ;) (ok ,I lost my train of thought. watching a commentary about sausages... it is so strange...)
So anyways, always loved the wacky things we used to do on a day to day basis, from cycling around Bandar Sunway and randomly stopping over Samuel's place, making 'giant'(it was giant to us at that age) lego towns, playing masak masak, laughing at girly girls who play with barbie dolls,to splashing around on beaches in the Maldives,Thailand,P.Pehentian,Penang fulfilling our duties as water babies.
We eventually grew up though, from being noisy, reck less kids to noisy, reck less teenagers and now the noise is amplified and we love it ;) oh yeh we do. Instead of sharing our best toys, we now share our secrets and we share all the consequences that come with. Growing together and depending on each other when times get rough and confusing and complicated, and that is how besties work :)Cling to God and shine for Him cause He is worthy. Love you fatty. Enjoy your sea monkeys!
i miss my yellow room !


sarah said...

happy birthday janey's bestie !
lol i've heard a lot about you
muahahaha .. all good of course :D

Kepohgirl said...

JANEYYYYYYYYYY! Thank you so much!!!!!!!! I loves you!!!! Sorry I didnt post anything bout you for your bday,but your farewell post kinda covered it for me..Haha! Thank you so so so much! Yes,faddies never take good pics together,so odd! And thnks for being the bestie ive wanted for years!:D!!!!! Loves!!!

Kepohgirl said...

To Sarah,

Thanks! Haha,ditto! I've heard a lot about you as well when Jane came back. But I can't really remember,although I try so hard because she mentions so many names[Joanne,Nadia,You,Jason,Stair]and I'm like,who? or which person you talking about? she's who's sister?Haha! Cant wait to meet you when I go down end of the year!

Kepohgirl said...

ooo,Add in!

P.S:- I love the amplified noise we make! Whaahahha!

P.P.S:- Ooo,sausages... But it suonds utterly wrong back here...O_O