Saturday, September 20, 2008

Picture post to compensate for my lack of pictures lately

FIrst of all, how in the world are you supposed to sit on someones butt???

Lets FLYYYY !!!

Teen Drama series- 'Williamstown'

I love the texture and sharpness of this picture



kam*yu said...

You is getting very good with Haley lately, can rub in Iishan's face, muahahaha. How many attempts did it take for the flying shots? Jealous of all your clothes btw. Your checkered jumper is so nice!!! Babi lah you. Ish.

janey said...

lol the best part is , its not haley ! lol. just my trusty digital nikon. the beautiful aus weather helps immensely. Ian says the checkered jumper makes me look 'country' lol.

Jon Wee said...

Drooools~ Blue sky~