Sunday, September 7, 2008

Daddy's day

This is daddy or more often known as dy. My daddy. He takes me by the hand to explore the world. He teaches me what God wants me to know. He has the answers to my questions. He is the comedian. He warns future boyfriends that he'll be waiting outside the house with a shotgun. He gives me space to grow. He tells me random bedtime stories. He is there to cheer me on in games and events, armed with a camera whether I want it or not. He teaches me how to protect myself by using my KUNG FU power ! He puts his arm around me to remind me, I am his lil girl. He is not emo and sentimental. He is the boy who ties the indian girls hair to her chair. He tells me he's proud of me.He argues of who snores louder. He makes up useless games on car rides when we look bored. He shows us how a REAL distorted face looks like in the mirror and challenges us to beat that !He is the cook and he is a gooood cook. He sacrifices his time to pick us up from school or an event. He still plays with my soft toys with me. He keeps me grounded. He is my silent guard, my secret friend,my super hero and my daddy and I am his baby girl :) Love you daddy.


sarah said...

happy fathers day uncle andrew lol!
yes, ive heard that indian girl hair tying story haha. & yes siew yoke hello .

jeremy said...

someone once said this and your dad will love it."A son is yours till he marries a wife, a daughter is yours for the rest of your life."

mmm siu yoke. the noodles were fab too

ilikewinter said...

thats so nice ! i miss siew yok.